Meet the Disasters

There's three of us participating in our disasters, and for a quick look at each of us, you've come to the right place!

Lynnafred - College student, aspiring writer. I float from fashion set to fashion set at a rate of... oh, every year or so. I get bored kind of easily, and I try to experiment with new fashions all the time. I pull off a lot of different things on a regular basis.
Why fashion disasters? Maybe with the help of my sidekicks, we can make looking bad look good. Besides, those two always tell me how good I am at coming up with my famous "thirty second outfits."

Nannerkins - I'm quiet at first, but once you get to know me I'm known to burst out at random with high-pitched squeals. I'll try just about anything on a dare, and I cannot walk past the yogurt section of the grocery store without thinking about prunes.
Why fashion disasters? Because we can! (But it probably started when I tried to use leggings as a jacket…) I intend on making a career out of fashion and I try to be trendy while keeping faithful to my own style. I was born for Fashion Disasters!!

Faythe - Not the best at fashion. I'm kinda just getting to the point where I can coordinate decent looking outfits, although my mom tends to tell me I look like a character out of some Anime. I've been recently branching out when it comes to what I'll wear (Thanks to Lynnafred.) So hand me something and I'll put it on no matter what it is.  
Why fashion disasters? Considering my entire life has been a "fashion disaster" I might be pretty good at this.