The Rules

  1. The budget is $15 per outfit, total. We try our damnedest to not go over this limit, unless we find something that absolutely cannot be ignored. Every now and then, we'll feature an epic disaster, that goes above and beyond our limits.
  2. The things that we find will usually coordinate. We try our best to coordinate our disasters so that they look as decent as disasters can.
  3. There's two goals to this. First and foremost, we try to save the disasters that we find. Sometimes a disaster can be saved with the right accessories. Sometimes, they can't, no matter what the hell we do to them. Our other goal is just to find things that no one should ever wear, ever. You'll hardly ever see us wear these, but when we do...
  4. Each and every outfit pictured is made up of articles found at one store. We don't go around all over the place picking a skirt from here and a top from there. We look around at one place to make the most hideous things a group of chicks can find.
  5. Every one of the outfits must be complete, shoes excluded. Accessories are preferred, but not required. There's no just grabbing a shirt and a few necklaces and calling that an outfit. It has to be complete.