Saturday, June 4, 2011

Better Than Therapy!

The Target: The stylize this frumpy flower girl dress to kill!

The Pieces: Metallic belt, high-heeled brown sandals

The Approach: If you have a mother who is anything like mine, you wore dresses like this everyday of your kindergarten career. In fact, you were more well known for your matching dress and head-band sets than for your intellectual ability to remember what the latest "Alphabet Letter of The Week" was. I have reason to believe it was instances like that that have culminated together to form the fashion sense I have today. I won't even comment to you the beginnings of said history when my hair sported the ever-so-cliche "waterspout"…..oops, It appears I am not so good on my word.

To get back on topic…dresses like this plagued my childhood, and so it would seem I would not touch this disaster with a 10 ft pole! You would INCORRECT! I love a challenge, and like an epic, Anglo-Saxon, war hero I tacked this beast and made it my bitch!

This disaster didn't make much to amp up. As you can see it only took two pieces to make a complete reversal! I perused the isles of shoes and accessories and made my return to the fitting rooms within minutes. This was done within the $15 budget! Imagine what we could have done with twice the amount; bad-ass vest paired with some clunky, feminine, metallic jewelry anyone?

Final Outcome: I am very satisfied with the save we made here! I may be a long ways away from fully recovering from my pre-adolecent trauma, but this disaster-turn-around helps ease some of my pain….those shoes help too.

Total: $15! The belt came in at $4, the dress at $5, and the shoes at $6.

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