Thursday, June 16, 2011

Naughty Nurse?... Rejected!

The Target: Trying to make naughty nurse reject work, i.e the mini.

The Pieces: First piece.... the bitchen pink and patterned reversible coat. The second piece staying simple with a plain white blouse.

The Approach: The first approach was the awesome coat of awesomeness that was a little big. That added some color to the ensemble. Then Lynnafred help me track down a white blouse to complete.

Final Outcome: FAIL! -exempting the coat of course. I might have been able to work this if I had matched the skirt with a pink or orange blouse instead of the boring white one I picked. There is way too much white in this outfit. As it is it makes me look like a nurse, and not of the sexy/naughty variety.

Total: Awesome Coat - $4, Skirt - $3, Blouse - $8. Grand Total - $15

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