Sunday, June 5, 2011

Skirt Disaster - Part Two (Of Three)

The Target: Once again, it's that skirt with the identity crisis. Poor dear.

The Pieces: White lace tank, awesome paisley wrap thing with matching belt.

The Approach: Paisley. I'll put this out here right now, I love paisley. It's hard to find a paisley that I don't like, and when we discovered that little gem, I was all for it. The colors are complementary for the skirt's particular shade of blue, and the beige in the wrap matches the gridlines running through the skirt. (I honestly don't think that the skirt would have been half as horrendous if it didn't have that grid pattern on it.) So, with that wrap and my neutral white tank, I was ready to go.

Final Outcome: Not horrible, but it wasn't quite a win, either. The wrap was comfy, and it complimented the skirt, but it didn't really do anything for me - it made me look red. So, it was almost a success. Perhaps if the wrap had had a bit less green...?

Total: $8. $4 for the skirt, and $4 for the wrap. The tank was mine to begin with.

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