Friday, June 3, 2011

Skirt Disaster - Part One (Of Three)

The Target: That completely awful skirt that thinks it's a pair of shorts.

The Pieces: An indigo floral top

The Approach: Unlike Nannerkins over there, who's a secret accessory fiend, I tend to try to make things work with basics - simple pieces pulled together using like patterns, colors, and a heaping spoonful of confidence. Usually, if nothing else, it's the confidence that allows me to pull off whatever it is that I'm wearing. And, you know, that shirt was cute, so how much worse could it possibly make that heinous skirt?

Final Outcome: Oh my goodness, I was horribly wrong. The final outcome was that there was way too much blue in here - especially dark blue - to work well together. That was an oversight on my part. Perhaps, with a brown belt to break it up, or a necklace to give it some flair, it would have worked out well. But this was, unfortunately, as bad as disasters get. This time, I couldn't save this skirt.

Total: $14; $10 for the top, and $4 for the skirt

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