Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Mother Of The Bride Who SHOULD NOT have been invited!

If you happen to be graced with a AA or A cup, ladies, have no fear! This Mother-of-the-bride-esque ensemble comes well equipped with it's very own set of traffic cones!! That's right, you could be the next Madonna look-a-like! However, there is a down side...or rather, a few.

1. The cleavage that comes with this top appears to have gangrene. You might want to get clearance from you doctor and be up-to-date with your shots before trying this baby on.

2. These traffic cones appear to have been run over. They are as limp as road kill. Who knows, maybe they were run over during duty on the highway. Should you dare to wear this piece of work, you might want to pump 'em up with some air.

3. It comes with a skirt. not just any skirt, oh no! This skirt goes all the way down to your ankles. Nothing says fashion like looking like a giant seaweed wrap. Delish!

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