Thursday, June 2, 2011

Hippie Chic!

The Target: To save this monstrous skirt from the furthest depths of fashion hell

The Pieces: Embroidered vest, ruffled blouse, moxie

The Approach: First off we paired the skirt with this, considerably atrocious, mess of a vest. Next stop was finding a blouse that could tactfully tie the look together. Although, this top was considered a win all by its onesie, perhaps when paired with this vest it was brought down a couple pegs...thus making for one cohesive pile of moderate attractiveness. Needless to say, this look may not be everyone's cup of steaming hot tea! But, it is a TON of fun to wear...and damn if don't make some waves in that delightful beverage, because I look fabulous~

Peace, motherfuckers~
Final Outcome: Rocked it! You don't have to be trippin to appreciate this fierce find! If I truly was a hippie this is totally how I would roll.

Total: This went over budget because the skirt by itself was $15. The vest was $7, and the shirt was $8, for a total of $30.

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