Friday, June 10, 2011

The Devil Went Down To Georgia…And Bought These Boots

The Target: Boots!

The Pieces: Blouse, Skirt

The Approach: It started out with these boots. Can we still call these "boots"? These beings are the culmination of so many perplexing, unworldly, variables, I am not sure they are undeserving of a title all their own?…Maybe "Pedi-titans."

Take a close gander at these pedi-titans. Note the plethora of iridescent, electric blue leather fabrics. Any why yes! That is a cut out phoenix on the front! And it would be a crime to leave out the RHINESTONED CHROME HEELS!

This outfit was without a budget. It was destined to be a disaster from the get go, so why not have some fun? We scanned the aisles, searching for the most outrageous, in-yo-face, train wrecks and came up with the following…a skirt with more sequins than a burlesque costume and a blouse that may or may not have been attacked by Monet on it's way out of the factory. The blouse itself probably could have been doctored up with some slim fit dark wash jeans and bitchin' accessories…but honestly, this was all about the boots!

The Outcome: Like it or hate it, your call. This ensemble walks the line (I had to give a nod to Johnny Cash…these are after all western boots…apart from the hooker-heels).

Total: Forget it. The tag on those boots was $60.

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