Sunday, June 12, 2011

Purrrrrfect Disaster

The Target: To rock this jacket without looking like Cruella Deville

The Pieces: Pleather skirt, gold button down blouse, sun glasses

The Approach: My first impression of this jacket…DAMN. I think it is safe to say that anytime you wear an animal print you are taking a fashion risk and 7/10 times it doesn't work out. Lucky for this jacket, I live on the edge!

This jacket fit super comfy! The structure was decent and decidedly much better off the clothing rack and on mine. The one thing I could have lived without were the opaque sleeves. But, with the shimmery gold blouse underneath it was bearable. On second thought black might have been a better choice. The pleather skirt however…well that is never okay. On the bright side I scored some sweet shades…which would make that on the dark side. Hmm...Looks like Cruella is closer than we think….

The Outcome: I wouldn't call this a failure or a success. I certainly wouldn't feel the need to pelt anyone who wore this on the street, neither would I go barking mad without it. Rest assured animals of the planet your evil nemesis C. Deville shall not be making waves in the fashion realm any time soon.

Total: $15 - Skirt $3; Coat $5; Shirt $6

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