Thursday, June 9, 2011

Business Suit FROM HELL

The Target: It started with that skirt. Yeah, just the skirt.

The Pieces: ITS COMPANION JACKET D= and a frumpy brown top.

The Approach: As my fellow Disasters and I were walking down the aisles of Savers, we found that skirt there. Cackling and making fun of it soon followed. I tossed it into the cart and we headed on our way to coordinate the rest of the disasters in our possession.

Heading on through the coats, we saw the skirt's match. Yes, you read that right. It was part of a coordinated set that even Savers thought was too horrid to keep together. I found a brown top to tie the entire set together, and I was on my way.

Final Outcome: My parents like this outfit on me. Don't get me wrong here, Dave is usually pretty cool. But this time I have to disagree. Sure, that thing would probably be decent for a business interview...if it didn't look so horrible on me. The coat was a little long on me, and if I was standing head on to the camera, you'd be able to tell that it gave me no shape whatsoever. The skirt was a pencil skirt, pretty standard. I don't like pencil skirts because they make my ass look huge. Overall, this outfit is a fail because it makes me look...shapeless. And I'm not shapeless.

Total: $27. Jacket - $14, Skirt - $5, Top - $8

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