Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Skirt Disaster - The Final Hellish Outfit

The Target: That poor, pitiful skirt. Needless to say, it's just bringing me down at this point.

The Pieces: That jacket. Look at it. It's a completely bitchin' jacket. With anything else, that awesome, kickassin' jacket would be a winner.

The Approach: As I was saying about that jacket above, it's completely awesome. I could rock that jacket any day of the week and be perfectly awesome at it. As soon as you add that hellacious identity crisis of a skirt, though, it becomes less than stellar by any means of the word. It looks like it's trying its damndest to try to help that skirt out.

"Why did I agree to hang out with
you?! You bring me down!"
Final Outcome: That jacket sits there at the bar every night, sighing into its bourbon as Identity Crisis over there lectures to it about how it's fat, and ugly, and no one wants it. Finally, Kickass Jacket says, "Look, if you promise to just go away, I'll hang out with you once. Maybe you'll look better if you have a good-looking friend around."

Everyone has had some kind of friend like that, and we all know how it ends: Your less attractive friend never looks better hanging out with you, you look like an ugly troll while you hang around with them. They amplify your practically nonexistent ugly. In the end, just like in real life, that poor, awesome jacket looks like a pile of fail when it's hanging out with that skirt.

Rock on solo, Kickass Jacket. Rock. On.

Total: $11; That damn skirt is still $4, and Kickass Jacket is adoptable and redeemable for a measly $7.

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